Kalajoki Upper Secondary School

There are about 300 students in Kalajoki Upper Secondary School. They enter the school after the comprehensive school at the age of sixteen and take their final exam, the matriculation examination, after three or four years of studying. The final exam corresponds to the British A-levels and is taken at least in four subjects. Finnish is the compulsory subject. In addition to this the students have to choose at least 3 more compulsory subjects, which can be either Mathematics, English, Swedish or one of the subjects in the Humanities and Sciences category: Biology, History, Chemistry, Philosophy, Religion, Physics or Health and Hygiene. As optional subjects in the matriculation exam the students can choose as many of the above they want or choose foreign languages, e.g. German or French.

Since autumn 1995 the school has followed a so-called non-graded studying scheme, which means that students can choose different subjects more freely according to their own plan instead of studying certain subjects during the second year etc.

The staff consists of the principal, eighteen teachers and the school secretary who takes care of all the practical everyday matters. Finnish, English, Swedish, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Geography, History, Philosophy, Physical Education, Health and Hygiene, Psychology, Civics, Visual Arts, Music and Religion are compulsory to all students. The number of obligatory courses in each subject varies. One course consists of 38 lessons plus individual studies at home. Students can also choose optional courses in, for instance, French or German. They can also study for a diploma in the Visual Arts or choose more courses in ice-hockey.

Kalajoki Upper Secondary School has international contacts and co-operation, e.g. student exchange, with Balatonalmádi Hungarian-English Dual Language Grammar School in Hungary and with the town of Izumo in Japan.

The school year is divided into six periods each lasting about six week. During each period the students have a fixed timetable to follow and at the end of each period there are tests. The students are graded from 4 to 10, ten being the best possible grade.

The school year starts at the middle of August and ends at the end or May or early June. We have one week holiday in October, a one or two-week Christmas holiday, a week's skiing holiday in March and a couple of days free at Easter.

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